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Company Identification
Lysenko & Machado Indústria, Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda.
Av. Walter Muller, 76
Jardim Sabauna
Itanhaém - São Paulo
Zip Code: 11.740-000

Phantasy Name: Solar Solution

Phone/Fax: 55 13 3427-8542

Purpose of Company
Solar Solution aims to offer alternatives in search of sources of renewable energy. Meets consumers' desires for solutions that do not harm the environment and are affordable.

Company Objectives
• Contribute to diversify sources of energy production using renewable and sustainable sources.
• To provide products and services designed to produce clean, renewable energy (solar and wind);
• Develop projects aimed at energy efficiency, economy and seeking rationalization of energy consumption;
• Seek independence in energy supply away from the traditional model.

Why use alternative energy?
• Solar power does not pollute during their use. Practically nonexistent pollution in the manufacturing process of solar panels made from plastic;
• Power plants require minimal maintenance;
• The solar panels are increasingly its powerful while their cost is declining. This makes it an economically viable solution;
• Solar energy is excellent in remote or difficult to access since its installation on a small scale does not require huge investments in transmission infrastructure. Supplementation with wind power warrants the batteries to store energy at night, enabling the maximization of the matrix used;
• In tropical countries like Brazil, the use of solar energy is viable in almost all the territory.

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