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Our Products & Services
Solar Solution provides alternative energy projects aiming to improve or enable more efficient use of energy. For that matter, develops or imports products capable to achieve this goal. Our concern is to provide the best services to meet your needs and guarantee your satisfaction in our products and services.
The solar panels and / or wind generators feed stationary batteries of 12 volts and are subsequently converted into 110 or 220 volts alternating current (AC) for general use.

Product purposes:
• Lighting of exterior and interior areas that require constant lighting (parking and showcases of shops);
• Supplying power to remote locations that require large investments in infrastructure installation, such as pumps for wells, containment of animals or to protect properties with large areas;
• Maintenance of battery charging systems that feed intended for emergency lighting;
• Maintenance of electric charge for equipment and vehicles with sporadic use (motorcycles and large boats);

Products we supply:
• Solar panels of 70W and 140W - Own manufacturing
• Drivers and inverters;
• Wind generators;
• Batteries stationary;
• Electric water pumps powered by electricity generated by solar panels or wind generators;
• Sets of LED lighting to meet the lighting needs;
• Electrified fences for animal confinement or for protection of external areas.

Potential consumers:
• Hotels and inns;
• Supermarkets and hypermarkets;
• Gas fuels;
• Churches and congregations;
• Shops;
• Farms, ranches and ranches fishing;
• Horizontal and vertical Condominiums homes and vacation residences;
• Owners of boats and motorcycles with sporadic use.

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